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Nurturing 'Pure': A Visual Journey

Brand Essence

At the core of 'Pure' beats an unyielding commitment to offering natural, chemical-free fruit and vegetables, cultivated in season and at the pinnacle of freshness. Our creative journey aimed not just to reflect 'Pure's' values but to weave a visual narrative of purity, authenticity, and the goodness of nature.

Colour Palette

The colour palette weaves a tapestry of grounded authenticity and deep, earthy tones:

  • Lizard (#6C633A): A grounding hue, embodying the genuine and unaltered nature of 'Pure's' produce.

  • Kuro Green (#363E21): Rich and vibrant, reflecting the lushness of organic growth and the vitality of 'Pure's' offerings.

  • Ridgecrest (#9C8563): Warm and inviting, symbolising the lively and flavorful character of the produce.

  • Avocado Dark Green (#363e21): Deep and rich, representing the depth of 'Pure's' commitment to delivering produce at its peak.

Logo Creation Process

Our journey in crafting the logo for 'Pure' was a meticulous process, marrying strategy with symbolism:

Understanding Essence: Delving into core values, we grasped the essence of 'Pure's' commitment to fresh, natural produce.

Colour Harmony: The colour palette was curated to harmonise with the brand's ethos, each shade chosen for its symbolic representation.

Circular 'P' Design: Choosing a circular shape, resembling an Sapodilla, symbolised completeness and continuity. The letter 'P' within represented 'Pure's' commitment to wholesome produce.

Symbolism of the Circular 'P': Aligning with the rounded contours of an Sapodilla, the circular 'P' symbolized unity and wholeness, encapsulating the essence of 'Pure.'

Visual Narrative

The colour scheme and logo form a visual symphony, a narrative of quality, purity, and commitment to nature's goodness. Each colour and curve carries the weight of 'Pure's' dedication, creating a cohesive brand identity resonating with authenticity.

In the nurturing journey of crafting 'Pure,' every element was meticulously curated to capture the brand's essence. The colour palette and logo together form a visual symphony, a harmonious representation of 'Pure's' dedication to providing fresh, natural, and seasonally grown produce. The story unfolds in every hue and curve, inviting customers to experience the true meaning of 'Pure.'


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