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Learn How to Build & Maintain Your Own Website

Learn how to create, develop and maintain your own unique website. No knowledge of coding needed!

Session Information

Each session is one-to-one via zoom and will be tailor made to suit your individual needs. I will go over everything you need at your own pace and answer any questions you have; I will be sharing my screen with you - so please have a laptop and be ready to take notes.

Who is this for

These sessions are designed for people looking to learn how to build their own website without the need for complicated code. For people who are computer familiar but not computer masterminds! For people who want to learn how to build and maintain their own websites.

Frequently asked questions:

How many sessions will I need till I can build my own website

This is based upon your ability to pick things up, your attitude along with how confident you are about just jumping in and giving it a go!

How do you teach me

I will be showing you what to do via screen sharing during our time you are free to ask me any questions and I will show and explain the answers. Before and sometimes after our session you will receive notes with a breakdown of what we are learning or learnt.

What platform do you use

I use the Wix platform as its highly intuitive and offers so much for you or your business. It allows you to create a fully responsive stylish website tailored to your exact needs. You can customize it to your own requirement's - colours, fonts, structure and layout. With the ability to add on new features as your business grows.

Why is your lesson more expensive than your hourly website maintenance rate

I charge more money for a lesson than my website development hourly fee because I am teaching you a skill that hopefully you will be able to use for yourself and others. I also provide you with extra resources, my undivided attention and time.

Can you book repeat sessions

You can book as many or as little sessions as you need. You can also book top ups quick sessions if you just have one or two questions. Alternatively, I can edit your website for you if you don't have time to do it yourself. I am happy to mix it up to suit your needs.

These sessions can be booked online whenever you need them. If you have any more questions, please book a free website design discovery call with me here >

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