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Active Capital

Services Provided


Website Development, Data Set Creation, CMS Integration, Dynamic Pages, Logo Design

Project Description

Active Capital approached us with the objective of establishing an online platform that would serve as both their digital business card and a comprehensive database. The primary challenge was to develop a website that not only showcased their portfolio of companies but also allowed visitors to filter these companies based on their impact on people, planet, and productivity. To accomplish this, we needed to build a robust data set and integrate a content management system (CMS) while creating dynamic pages for each company.

Key Achievements

Website Development:


We designed and developed a user-friendly and visually appealing website for Active Capital, ensuring seamless navigation and an engaging user experience.

Data Set Creation:


We meticulously curated a comprehensive data set that encompassed details about each company, including its impact on people, planet, and productivity.


CMS Integration:


To enable easy management of website content, we seamlessly integrated a content management system (CMS) into the platform.


Dynamic Pages:


Each company in the portfolio received its dedicated dynamic page, allowing visitors to explore detailed information and apply filters based on their preferences.

Logo Design:


As part of our services, we also crafted a unique and memorable logo for Active Capital, reflecting their brand identity.

Visit the Live Site

To explore our work for Active Capital and see the website in action, please visit a copy of the live site here >

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