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Interior Design

We are dedicated to using the power of design to create inspiring spaces that enhance daily life. We believe our surroundings greatly impact our well-being and productivity. That's why we focus on crafting interiors that foster creativity, promote relaxation, and encourage connection. Our holistic approach ensures that each space not only reflects your unique style but also elevates your quality of life.

home interiors living area designs by wylde

Our Services


Explore the seamless integration of natural elements and alchemical principles as we craft interiors that inspire well-being and creativity. Our consultation delves into your connection with nature and the transformative potential of your space, guiding you towards environments that radiate beauty, vitality, and purpose.

Prior to our 60-minute session, we'll send you a brief questionnaire to help us better understand your goals and preferences. This will ensure that our discussion is focused and productive. Together, we'll explore how to seamlessly integrate natural elements, promote well-being, and craft spaces that authentically reflect your individual vision.

Price: £150 per session

Virtual Interior Design 

Our offering goes beyond traditional interior design services, focusing on understanding your lifestyle and aspirations to create spaces that truly reflect you.

Through detailed questionnaires and in-depth explorations, we delve into the intricacies of your daily life and your vision for a balanced living space. From paint colours, fabric designs, textures, lighting, and furniture sourcing to curated samples and a shopping list featuring conscious suppliers, every element is meticulously selected to align with your values and preferences.

Our digital design scheme, complete with mood boards, floor plans, and curated shopping lists, offers a glimpse into the harmonious integration of natural elements and alchemical principles within your space. You'll receive not only design elements but also valuable insights on sustainable practices, wellness tips, and ways to enhance your living environment for optimal well-being.

Price: from £750 per room

Concierge Service

Enjoy effortless shopping with our Concierge Service. Begin by completing our custom questionnaire to share your design preferences and requirements. Following this, we'll schedule a 20-minute chat to delve deeper into your needs and clarify any questions. Based on our discussion and your questionnaire responses, we'll curate personalised shopping suggestions tailored to your style. Review these suggestions, provide feedback, and make any necessary adjustments. Once you've approved the final selections, we'll handle the ordering process on your behalf. Access bespoke furnishings and unique pieces through our extensive connections, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Price: Initial Consultation Fee: £150 

Concierge Services: £200 per room

Bespoke Commissions

Meticulously tailored for clients seeking bespoke commissions. We start by gathering your unique needs, style preferences, and budgetary considerations through an initial questionnaire. Leveraging our extensive network of skilled artisans and designers, we carefully select the right craftspeople to bring your vision to life, providing detailed drawings, designs, and specifications. Our recommendations for colours, fabrics, and textures ensure alignment with your vision, guaranteeing exceptional quality and attention to detail. From overseeing the entire process of item creation to delivering them directly to you.

Price: Quote per commission

Our approach seamlessly blends alchemical principles with biophilic design, creating spaces that harmonise with nature, evoke tranquility, and inspire holistic well-being.

"Designs by Wylde turned our house into a home. Their attention to detail and holistic approach to interior design made our vision a reality. We couldn't be happier with the result!"


"Working with Georgia virtually was an absolute pleasure. Her holistic approach to interior design not only captured my vision but exceeded my expectations. I now have a home that not only looks beautiful but feels truly aligned with my values and well-being."


Kevin - Canada

"Impressed with Designs by Wylde's commitment to sustainable design. The custom concept exceeded expectations, and the bespoke items added a unique touch. Highly recommend!"

Sarah L

"Commissioning a bespoke hand-tufted rug for my son's room was an excellent decision. The rug perfectly captured my vision and adds a unique, high-quality touch to the room. I'm thrilled with the result and highly recommend the bespoke service that Designs by Wylde offer."


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