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To create a website that promotes Steve Hicks Blacksmith business, his services and an online store.

Hicks Iron Craft


When Fire runs through your veins the call of the forge is an obvious career path – and when your home environment is your passion you have a unique set of conditions to inspire allowing you to fashion creations of function and beauty. And so, it is with Steve Hicks.


A true Blacksmith and creative artisan with his forge and studio overlooking Lake Windermere it’s not hard to understand his inspiration for creating unique pieces. Ranging from domestic tables and chairs either built to his design or fashioned to your requirements, through to commercial works such as railings and gates, Steve Hicks offers true craftsmanship.


Steve’s work combines his skill at the forge, with the careful selection of local hand-hewn timber which he marries together - producing unique pieces to grace any room or location. He will often be led by the beauty of a particular piece of wood and weave a design from its form.


View live website here.


Photography by Ward

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