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The Design Process 


Achieve your short and long-term business goals using our straightforward design process.

Discovery Call


During our first discovery call, we'll get to know each other a bit better. We'll discuss your project and see whether we'd be a good match to work together. After our call you will receive a design proposal to review. 

Design Proposal


Once you have received and reviewed your design proposal and are happy to proceed, please sign it and send it back to us. (This is very easy to do online.)

Project Design


Before we get started, we'll need all the important bits from you. Don't worry you'll have our complete attention and guidance throughout. Once all the information is ready, We can start creating your vision, you will get regular updates and chances to talk and see your design come to life.

The Launch


The exciting part! You're ready to launch. You will have your 1:1 zoom training where we will walk you through everything so that you can understand and maintain your website yourself. You will receive any other work we have produced for you, and we'll answer any questions you might have, we'll go over your marketing and launch giving you advice that will help you run your business and attract your ideal clients! 


If you have decided to take a maintenance option, we'll continue working together. You don't need to worry about any updates or edits to your website they will be included and ongoing as required. If you have decided not to take advantage of our maintenance option, we can still be on hand for any updates or edits when required these will be charged at our hourly rate. 

Net Zero Websites


Our promise is that each website we design and develop will be a "Net Zero Website" meaning that it will be certified Carbon Neutral. We work together with Tree Nation who automatically compensates for all the CO2 emissions it generates. Tree Nation calculate its related emissions, and then plant the trees needed to offset these emissions. Learn more here.

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